About NanoRidge

NanoRidge Materials, Inc. of Houston, Texas, founded in 2004, is an early stage technology company focused on commercializing a large amount of technology to produce nano-enhanced materials using carbon nanotubes and other nanoparticles. NanoRidge has collaborated with major nanotechnology research universities including Rice University, and Texas A&M through federally funded research programs.  Technology license agreements with the University of Houston, and Texas Southern University add to NanoRidge's portfolio of intellectual properties focused on practical applications of nanotechnology material science.  NanoRidge also incorporates a large body of analytical expertise and trade secret know-how regarding efficient manufacturing processes needed to produce economical nanomaterials on a commercial scale.

The strategy of the Company is to commercialize nanomaterials including elastomers, metals, thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, structural composites, fibers, and ceramics. This is being pursued by manufacturing these materials in our own growing facility and with select partners who have the capital equipment that corresponds to our manufacturing requirements. Selective licensing of the technology and joint ventures are evaluated as commercialization opportunities arise.

Where NanoRidge Fits In:

At NanoRidge, we do not manufacture either carbon nanotubes or host matrices.  Instead, we purchase both carbon nanotubes and base materials from numerous vendors.  Our expertise and intellectual property is focused on the processing of the nanotubes and their subsequent incorporation into materials in order to maximize the benefits from these remarkable nanoparticles.  We also have extensive analytic expertise to monitor critical characteristics of the nanotubes and their interaction with the matrix.

NanoRidge Team: 

One of the strengths of NanoRidge is the diverse technical background of our scientific staff and the industrial expertise of our management team and Board of Directors.  Our scientific staff covers chemistry, material science and chemical engineering, and  technician support. Our management team has experience both in large company environments and in entrepreneurial ventures.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from some of the most successful companies in the world.


  • Mr. Chris A. Lundberg – Chairman
    Mr. Lundberg co-founded NanoRidge in April 2004, and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. He has been instrumental in founding or initiating other composite materials businesses for over 20 years. He holds a B.S. Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has completed the Executive Management Short Course at Harvard Business School.
  • Mr. Malcolm “Mal” Katsumoto – Director
    Mr. Katsumoto serves as an Advisor to NanoRidge.  He is the retired Chairman of Toray Composites America and Executive Vice President for Toray Industries (New York, NY). He has a B.A. from the University of Hawaii, and did graduate work in chemistry at Seattle University.
  • John T. Quinlivan, Ph.D. – Business Advisor
    Dr. Quinlivan serves as a business advisor to NanoRidge.  He is the retired vice president and general manager of the Boeing 747, 767 and 777 programs, and was the senior executive responsible for the Boeing facility located in Everett, WA. He holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Gonzaga University, and obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Princeton University.
  • Enrique V. Barrera, Ph. D., P.E. – Director
    Dr. Barrera is Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Rice University, and serves as a board member at NanoRidge. He obtained his bachelors, masters and doctorate from the University of Texas in Austin. Dr. Barrera is widely published and was recognized by R&D Magazine’s 100 Award for his work in nanotube research.